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Hello everybody

How are you doing today?

Awakening, shifting consciousness and ascension are the big themes trending in the spiritual and new age communities right now. The existence of extra-terrestrial life continues to be hotly debated in scientific and political communities, accompanied by a growing public interest in the UFO/UAP and ET contact phenomenon.  What do you think?


Since our teenage years, both of us have held a burning interest in these subjects.  Our search has taken us through books,  on a journey of study, spiritual practice and intellectual debate on all manner of topics within this esoteric field.


It peaked a few years back, when we excitedly travelled to Joshua Tree, California for an ET contact retreat. And you know,  meeting people and making  some friends from all walks of life with the same fascinations was like a home coming. An incredible experience.


Since then, we have felt compelled to develop this journey. We know that for some, this is a challenging topic. Maybe even a step too far.  But we are also aware of the ground swell of interest across the world. You only have to look at the literature published, let alone the documentaries, podcasts and in depth scientific discussions on dedicated TV channels.


 And then of course, there are hours and hours of footage on the internet. The formal disclosures of declassified UFO information are starting to tell a different story. . . 

love, light and laundry. . .




I have always been fascinated by energy.  How it transforms, how it flows between us and what factors can cause energy to become blocked.   

It feels so important right now that all of us learn how to naturally work with our instincts, intuition and psychic abilities so that we can thrive spiritually.

Seeking meaning in our life purpose has existed for centuries.   This starts and ends with ourselves by going within. 


 So I love the work that we do in our circles because we are honoured to see people grow, learn and explore who they are on new levels of consciousness.  Our circles are inspired and lead by our spirit teams and our role is simply to facilitate in the moment.

With OWL, we get to work with people all over the world in a positive, heart-based intention.  Having an open mind to galactic contact has been incredibly exciting and is teaching us more about what it is to be human.

Sending love.

"Early April 2021.

A beautiful day because

the rain had gone.

So whilst we headed

to the top of

Glastonbury Tor,

it was good to remember

to stop and look around,

take the moment.

I am grateful for the

chance to absorb

the incredible 360° view

on such a clear day.

And take a selfie!" 


The catalyst for OWL was

sparked during a sound

bath meditation

we experienced at the

Integratron in the

Mohave desert, CA.