Three types of owl circle for you

1. explore circle 


If you're curious about joining a spiritual development circle with an intention to try something new. 

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2.  expand circle


If you have had some experience with sitting in a circle and your intention is to continue your spiritual practice and development. 

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3. Off World Circle

 [intergalactic traveller] 

For those with a higher understanding of the dynamics of energy work, where we have the intention to go off world. 

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Beach Banquet

1.  explore circle

Dream Ticket


If you are interested in exploring your natural intuition, your psychic and mediumship skills for the first time, here is an opportunity that is specially designed for you.    

The OWL explore circle is a structured programme over five weeks to gently support you as you learn and practice, alongside other people who have the same positive intention. The circle is limited to 9 people.

Rupert and Nicola hold a space for this group and support you as you try guided meditations and sample different topics each week.  We learn for example, about your auric field, chakras and clair senses using supportive and fun exercises.

What do I need?  Just an open mind and to be a curious explorer.  No previous experience is necessary.

Timing? These are 2 hour circles delivered on-line on a weekly basis via Zoom.  Dates and times to be set when the group is ready.

Cost?  The circle runs for 5 sessions at £10 per session.  Once you have done this, it will open the door to the OWL expand circles

How to book?  Use the Contact page to register your interest for the next group and to receive more information about these exciting circles. 


2. expand circle

The OWL expand circle is a friendly safe space for you to learn, try out and practice your skills and fields of awareness.  


The content will cover mediumship, clair senses, psychic skills and energy work.

The facilitation of the circle each week is inspired by spirit to ensure the highest vibrational energy.  The shared overall intention of consciousness expansion is held by all people who attend the circle, as demonstrated by the heart-centred approach and the warm welcome shown to new members.


What to expect? The circle will usually include a lead meditation to help you to attune, followed by various exercises or practices which are either completed together in the whole group, or in breakout rooms. 

How does it work?  This is an open circle and the number of attenders naturally varies each week. We hold a register of OWL expand circle members to ensure that it does not get over full.  As a member, you are automatically made a subscriber of OWL and are free to attend this circle as often as fits with your development and schedule. 

What experience do you need to join?  Ideally suited for those who have completed the OWL explore circle.  Alternatively, if you already have experience in this field from sitting in another circle or from a relevant training event, then you will be well suited.  People with a lack of confidence or anxiety usually find that any apprehension they might have had, soon goes. 

Timing? The circles are delivered on-line via Zoom every SUNDAY between 16.00 to 18.00 BST (London).  This circle is ongoing for the foreseeable future.

Cost?  OWL provide this circle without charge.   We do though very much appreciate a donation using the Kofi App as this means we can keep the service going - please click here to donate.  


How to book?  Just use the Contact page to register your interest. Once your circle membership has been approved, you will receive the zoom link by email each week.


3. Off World Circle

Sunflower Field

The Off World Circle is so named because we believe that when we lighten up/laugh/ be joyful/excited, we become more receptive to spirit and expand our self-awareness.


The OWL lighten up circle is the centre piece of Off World Link.  It has the specific intention to use your expanded consciousness to travel off world and to connect with high vibrational beings.  What could be more fascinating?

What to expect? Each circle opens with a light and inspired meditation, from which we lift up together through the levels of our awareness according to our ability and comfort. The circle attenders describe what they see, hear and sense in this journey. Colours, shapes, impressions and emotions are often experienced, and sometimes simultaneously by more than one person.


The environment in the circle has a potential for high vibration which naturally develops our own mediumistic and psychic abilities.  Channelled inspired teachings can also occur. The circle experience can also simply be silent with healing and feelings of tranquility.

The group then returns for reflection on the shared experience.

How does it work?  Rupert and Nicola like to run this as a closed circle.  Therefore, the names of participants are fixed for the duration of the Off World Circle.  The group's size will be 7 plus Rupert and Nicola as facilitators.

What are the requirements to join?  This circle is for people who have sat in a circle for some time and who are comfortable working with forms of spiritual energy. You are also likely to feel a strong pull towards exploring ET or inter-dimensional contact, and you will be able to fully commit for the 5 week duration of the circle (as far as this is possible of course - we know that things crop up).

Timing? These are 2 hour circles delivered on-line via Zoom, once a week for five weeks. The dates and times will be set once a group is formed.

​Investment?  The fee for this circle is currently available on a special half price deal but only for bookings made before November 2021.   The price is £200 for the full five week programme.


How to book?   

Book as a ready made group :  Bookings are taken on a ready-made group basis.  This enables you to take part in this circle with people that you already know, or at least know of.  The physical location of the participants can therefore be anywhere as long as they have Zoom connection.

Once your potential participants are known, choose one person to use the Contact page and register the group interest. We will then communicate with you all to establish the circle timing and help you to prepare.  


Book as an individual : If you wish to take part in the OWL lighten up circle but cannot find others to form a group of at least 3 people, then please register your interest by using the Contact page.   We will then work to link you with other individual applicants who we think will match.




When I heard about the Off World Link Sessions, I was immediately excited and wanted to be part of it. I already knew Nicola and Rupert from another circle.


Therefore, I knew I was in good hands and company.

Both are wonderful people who enjoy mediumship and lead the circle in a wonderful, empathetic way. Always with new ideas and inspirations.

Furthermore, I love Rupert’s meditations!


The Off World Link LIGHTEN UP sessions being a closed circle makes sense, because it needs a consistent and above all familiar group to experience and understand common experiences and teachings.


Amazingly quickly, a collectively perceived energy to "take off" is built up.

Each person experiences their own journey, yet we all experience the same one. An indescribable intensity of energies and perceptions,

wrapped in light and love.We were in such a bond that we synchronously felt the "descent" to earth again. Such an indescribable experience of connectedness! Although we are not physically in a room,

we are also digitally merged into one as a group.


And it confirms to me what I have always felt: We are not alone!

There is so much intelligence out there that we humans

are only learning to comprehend. For me it is the experience of more than the human mind is capable of.


I look forward to our next journeys and their teachings!


From a young age, I have always believed that there has to be more than just us here on our tiny little planet

and in the small dark hours of the night if I woke and

thought about what was beyond our space, I would try to rationalise my thoughts and what could be.

Sometimes even having to force myself NOT to think about it at all as it would feel like it would blow my mind

with all the possibilities and I would never get back to sleep!


But here I am, many years later with like-minded people, open and free to discuss the realms of possibility and probabilities with the chance to explore and enlighten us along the way. I was so grateful to be invited into the group and to feel the love and light from each one as we went on our journeys. No two sessions were the same, each showing us all different energies and experiences and all shared with some very wonderful people. So the musings of a young me have had a small insight of what could be and for this I am eternally grateful.


Thank you Rupert and Nicola

for giving me the opportunity

to share this adventure, because that is exactly what it is...  an adventure!


I couldn’t describe things in words or sentences.

With the highest power of love and light, we went off,

passing different layers of sky, up to the another dimension and experienced many spectacular sights.

I keep thinking, there is a thin wall between here and the life out there. I never know what life will bring us

with this lesson, but I cherish all of my experiences in this circle and grateful to be here.

It is amazing!

thank you

Rupert and Nicole




I took part in a five week Off World Circle and I am grateful that I did!


Participating in this once a week guided/interactive off-world meditation allowed for a safe and positive experience.


The best part of the circle was the increasing fellowship I experienced with six other individuals who are on a similar spiritual path. The gentle and focused direction provided by Nicola and the deeply emotive vibrational toning provided by Rupert, were just two of the means by which I was able to open and tune into spiritual channels.


The camaraderie and connection felt by the group as a whole, served to further reinforce this growth. 


I cannot adequately convey what a positive experience this OWL circle was for me. I will be joining another circle in the future!


I’ve been joining spiritual development circles led by Nicola and Rupert for almost half a year now and I’m greatly enjoying them.

Rupert’s soothing meditations set the tone for the off world journeys and bring you into a reverie where you can reach out to higher realms and come back with new experiences and perspectives.

During the psychic or mediumistic practice they let you work your way, but also guide you with much empathy and devotion.

The circles are very diverse, we’ve tried out many techniques having the chance to see which one suits us best or where our limits are and how we can transcend them if we desire to.


They always provide the opportunity to bring forward personal queries or problems and receive readings in a safe, supportive environment.


The friendly discussions and helpful feedback, as well as the playful and joyful atmosphere will leave you uplifted, even if you joined in a low mood, you’ll end up on a blue moon.