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eclipse of the sun

Off World Link hold the online space where you have the freedom to discuss spiritual themes and practice your mediumship, intuition and psychic skills.

Our circles offer meditations and spirit led activities to gently stretch your natural gifts while feeling supported by the group. There is freedom to simply debate and discuss ideas and concepts within this welcoming online container in a non-dogmatic way. 

The Expand Circle is an open circle for spiritual development and consciousness expansion activities.

People who come along have varied backgrounds with a range of experience to share.  Our ethos is simply to bring an open mind, listen to yourself and help each other along.


The Expand Circle is where you can connect with like-minded people from all over the world. Where you can​ access your intuition to strengthen your links to spirit and higher dimensional beings.


 The Summer Season of The Expand Circle 

 is now being prepared - Interested? 

Contact Us 

to join the waiting list

 receive more information.

All abilities and experience levels welcome

 donation based event

Previous Expand Circle Comments:

What do you like best about the Expand Circle?

'Everyone is so open minded and supportive.' - MC. Oxford, UK

'I'm enjoying seeing, experiencing you teaching, you working with your guides as well as you're both such a great team and good battery for one another.' - DL.  California

'I enjoy that the group isn't exclusively mediumship readings. I'm not suggesting that they can't be a part of it, but doing different things can help us to find where our strengths and weaknesses are. Or just what we enjoy more.' - SC. Scotland

'The lightness & laughter, connecting to the groups energies & needs to lead the circle, loose leadership, variation of subjects and opinions, the openness & skills of every one,  exchanging experiences.' - BJ. Switzerland

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