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“It is an habitual spiritual consciousness they are after” Betty reported at one time.  “The only way to build it, is to make it a workaday ordinary kind of affair of which you are aware all the time about your business.  If you want to get anywhere, you have take this philosophy home with you, and dress it, and eat it, and breathe it, and motor down town with it.  When you are able to do that, you are ready for something more.  At present, anything more than what you have would overflow into merely an intellectual appreciation.”  


In other words, to sum up, we must not only understand intellectually what spiritual contact is, but we must “Make it so”.  We must not only “Make it so” occasionally, but we must gradually learn to make it a more and more consistent habit.

The Betty Book, Excursions into the World of Other-Consciousness.



Watch this space for more details


We shall hold the space for spirit, loving intelligence led circles.

Duration will be down to how the energy is flowing

and when it goes, we will close.

[probably no shorter than 30 minutes]


To get started, sometimes we will do these sorts of things:

Healing, debates, discussions, journey meditations,

exercises on psychic and mediumship, trance,

tarot, divination, inspired speaking / writing,

synchronicities and sitting in silence.


Structure will be loose depending on the needs

of those present and owing to it being spirit led

Attend as many times as you like to create your own habitual consciousness.

We only ask you be punctual because the circle door closes at 19:30 GMT


Open to all with the same intention


Donation [optional] recommended amounts run as £21, £14, £7, £0

or whatever you feel you want to pay

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Image by Joaquín


I took part in a five week Off World Circle and I am grateful that I did!


Participating in this guided/interactive off-world meditation allowed for a safe and positive experience.


The best part of the circle was the increasing fellowship I experienced with six other individuals who are on a similar spiritual path. The gentle and focused direction provided by Nicola and the deeply emotive vibrational toning provided by Rupert, were just two of the means by which I was able to open and tune into spiritual channels.


The camaraderie and connection felt by the group as a whole, served to further reinforce this growth. 


I cannot adequately convey what a positive experience this OWL circle was for me. I will be joining another circle in the future!

Image by Raphael Nogueira


I couldn’t describe things in words or sentences.

With the highest power of love and light, we went off,

passing different layers of sky, up to the another dimension and experienced many spectacular sights.

I keep thinking, there is a thin wall between here and the life out there. I never know what life will bring us

with this lesson, but I cherish all of my experiences in this circle and grateful to be here.

It is amazing!

thank you

Rupert and Nicola



Image by Ivana Cajina


From a young age, I have always believed that there has to be more than just us here on our tiny little planet

and in the small dark hours of the night if I woke and

thought about what was beyond our space, I would try to rationalise my thoughts and what could be.

Sometimes even having to force myself NOT to think about it at all as it would feel like it would blow my mind

with all the possibilities and I would never get back to sleep!


But here I am, many years later with like-minded people, open and free to discuss the realms of possibility and probabilities with the chance to explore and enlighten us along the way. I was so grateful to be invited into the group and to feel the love and light from each one as we went on our journeys. No two sessions were the same, each showing us all different energies and experiences and all shared with some very wonderful people. So the musings of a young me have had a small insight of what could be and for this I am eternally grateful.


Thank you Rupert and Nicola

for giving me the opportunity

to share this adventure, because that is exactly what it is...  an adventure!

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