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OWL circles FAQ's

Could you say a little more about to expect in the OWL lighten up circle?

The lighten up circle starts with time for settling and focus.  The group then lifts off together in a connected meditation state to enjoy the journey.

The journeys are guided by our own spiritual teams and we cannot predict what we will experience.  It is common though for the journey to have different stages of experience depending on the ability of the sitters to tune in, relax, be light and to merge together as one. 

Colours, shapes, impressions and emotions are usually experienced, and often simultaneously by more than one person which is fascinating. 

The environment in the circle has a potential for high vibration which naturally develops our own mediumistic and psychic abilities.  Channelled inspired teachings can also occur.

The circle experience can also be silent with healing and feelings of tranquility.

Your experience over the 5 circles will develop as we learn to adjust to working together in this way. Group energy and intention greatly magnifies the personal positive impacts.

I have sat in circles before but I have never done anything like the OWL lighten up circle before – will I be able to do this?

It is not necessary at all that you have previous experience specifically in astral projection or CE5 to take part.   What matters is that everyone brings their highest intention for compassion, curiosity and consciousness expansion.   

In our booking form, we collect a little information on your previous experience in meditation.  This enables us to adjust how we facilitate the circles. 

Also, we just clarify here that all circles are held in English language.​​ 


What if I cannot make one of the OWL lighten up or explore circle dates?

If something unexpected crops up and you need to miss a circle, you will definitely be missed.  All we ask is that you let us know before the circle starts.


We regret that refunds are not paid for any circles that you do not attend. 

If OWL has to cancel a circle for some significant unexpected issue, then we will co-ordinate a new replacement date for your group.

I am really interested to explore other topics while we are in the circle such as toning etc.  Is there an opportunity for this? 

Please write this down in your registration form so that we can check this out.  If it is not feasible this time, then we are happy to look at an extra stand-alone session.


Do we need special protection in the circles?

The intention of these circles and for all attenders is to work at the highest possible vibration.  We believe that we are all joined by our guides, angelics and other beings who always protect you and guide you.  Of course, you can use your own additional energetic protection if you believe that you need it.



No recordings of the circles will be made unless there is a specific request and agreement of the whole group provided through a separate consent form.



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