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Gisela, Switzerland

Meditation at its best. Rupert's guided meditation was an inspiring and healing  journey to the moon and back.

It all began by drawing cards from his moon magic card deck. Two deep moon messages went straight to my heart. The soothing sound of the singing bowls took me immediately into a deep meditative state. Each step of the journey was accompanied by a suitable background music. 

All in all an exceptional and unique experience.


Rupert's gentle voice allows me leaving the daily life and disturbing thoughts immediately behind and finding myself all of a sudden on this priceless journey.


I will join you for the next meditation that's for sure.

Imola, Romania

Rupert’s velvety voice, especially accompanied by the Tibetan singing bowls, leads you almost instantly into trance. Sometimes you don’t even realise how you arrived somewhere during the mind travelling, just that you’re there, somewhere in a complete serenity, free from any earthly turmoil, embraced by healing peace, in total balance.


Rupert’s rich creativity manifests itself in various forms of meditation. For example, last time I’ve attended the ‘Orange meditation’, which brought together beautifully in this fruit (form) the macro and microcosm, how it encapsulates a very long process of growing, developing, often travelling and how we can unfold that path. Smelling the orange scent, touching the zest, the texture of the pulp, reminded me how important it is to not just rush through life and stuff our stomach, but feel the tastes, slow down for close-ups, because they give the juice of life. 

Arthur C. Clarke
Science Fiction Writer

"The Moon is the first milestone

on the road to the stars."

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