explore yourself

Intuitive Energy Coaching

Interested in exploring your natural intuition, to develop your psychic intuition and mediumship skills for the first time, here is an opportunity that is specially designed for you.   


Rupert and Nicola hold space for and support you for initially 3 bespoke sessions. 

If you've lost confidence or feel unable to function in big groups.

If you would like to go deeper and uncover what is possibly holding onto you.

If you are looking for an outcome where you are more confident. Confident to join circles. A greater connection with your guide, inner family of the self.

We use our own guide contact to support you return to the flow state with techniques strong intuition at soul level.


With our help you will go inside and do it yourself

The OWL explore circle is a structured programme over five weeks to gently support you as you learn and practice, alongside other people who have the same positive intention. The circle is limited to 9 people.

What do I need?  Just an open mind and to be a curious explorer.  No previous experience is necessary.

Timing? These are 90 minute sessions delivered on-line on a weekly basis via Zoom.  Dates and times to be set when you are ready.

The sessions run for 3 sessions over as many weeks.

How to book?  Use the Contact page to register your interest for your personal intuitive energy reading and soul guidance

expand circle

The OWL expand circle is a friendly safe space for you to learn, try out and practice your skills and fields of awareness.  


The content will cover mediumship, clair senses, psychic skills and energy work.

The facilitation of the circle each week is inspired by spirit to ensure the highest vibrational energy.  The shared overall intention of consciousness expansion is held by all people who attend the circle, as demonstrated by the heart-centred approach and the warm welcome shown to new members.


What to expect? The circle will usually include a lead meditation to help you to attune, followed by various exercises or practices which are either completed together in the whole group, or in breakout rooms. 

How does it work?  This is an open circle and the number of attenders naturally varies each week. We hold a register of OWL expand circle members to ensure that it does not get over full.  As a member, you are automatically made a subscriber of OWL and are free to attend this circle as often as fits with your development and schedule. 

What experience do you need to join?  Ideally suited for those who have completed the OWL explore circle.  Alternatively, if you already have experience in this field from sitting in another circle or from a relevant training event, then you will be well suited.  People with a lack of confidence or anxiety usually find that any apprehension they might have had, soon goes. 

Timing? The circles are delivered on-line via Zoom every SUNDAY between 16.00 to 18.00 BST (London).  This circle is ongoing for the foreseeable future.

Cost?  OWL provide this circle without charge.   We do though very much appreciate a donation using the Kofi App as this means we can keep the service going - please click here to donate.  


How to book?  Just use the Contact page to register your interest. Once your circle membership has been approved, you will receive the zoom link by email each week.