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energy reading

   with Rupert

To the best of his ability, Rupert will deliver a confident,

accurate, metaphorical, psychic and mediumistic reading for you.​

Rupert loves making people laugh, along with a healthy fascination
and respect for the spirit world. Maybe the two go hand in hand.

Floating Hearts


Abstract S

I feel honoured to have received such an amazing reading with Rupert.

Rupert offered an abundance of evidence, describing environment, people, clothing characteristics, feelings, location, and much more! I was left in no doubt about the connections made.. This was a very detailed reading involving a number of Rupert's skills, including psychic and mediumship abilities. Everything was sensitively delivered with a high level of empathy, too. I can’t RECOMMEND a reading with Rupert, HIGHLY enough! Thank you so much!

Sam C

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I have now had a couple readings from the wonderful Rupert. Each time I have been impressed by his calming way he delivers the reading, he has a natural ability to put people at ease. He seems to effortlessly connect to the energies that surround us and deliver a very accurate and detailed reading. I have often been surprised by the clarity of what he sees and have always been pleased with the validation he brings and certainly the help from spirit in giving direction in what I need to do next.

Rob G Parkes
Tarot Reading and Mediumship

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I have had the honor of receiving a reading from Rupert Green several times. Not only is he spot on with his psychic visions, he has the amazing and natural ability to draw you in and take you along on a journey of what he clairvoyantly and accurately sees for you through his articulate explanations. He is gentle and thoughtful in his delivery. He also provides so much wonderful information without it feeling overwhelming. Receiving a reading from Rupert is more than a reading. It’s hearing and experiencing a story about the most amazing and vibrant journey—your life. I would, without any hesitation, recommend anyone see Rupert for a reading. I, too, look forward to my next one!



I had an absolutely amazing experience with Rupert!

As a multi dimensional intuitive he gracefully went into my soul's history and experience to bring to me exactly what I needed most. 
I recommend you book a session with him asap. -


Multi-dimensional intuitive and healer

the price

Anywhere between

30 to 60 minutes

depending on what you need 

If you are particularly keen to take a reading but feel you do not have sufficient funds, please make contact