It's never been easier to book an online reading

Our readings are all about helping you to access your intuition, wisdom and  confidence.  

Whether you want support to go deep on a specific question, or perhaps you want to explore life paths, we hold the space for you. We work together as messengers as our spiritual teams connect with yours.

Each reading is unique  



We prepare for our time with you by using a special deck of blank white cards which we ask our spiritual helpers to interpret.  The reading is then free form and might include mediumship, clair-skills and energy healing.  Our aim is to get out of the way and connect as clear a channel for you as possible.  As you may know, our particular interest is working with Star Being energies and this feeling might also be present for you. 

Have a joint reading with Nicola & Rupert.  They're fascinating because of the unique dynamics which flow through the energetic triangle created in this sitting.

Or choose a an individual reading with just one of us - whatever feels right for you.

We love to help people everywhere by giving readings 


Because this is how we all can expand our consciousness and refresh our perspectives together.  So during August and September 2022 we are offering a limited number of free readings.  For those who feel the call or the curiosity.


To access a free reading, contact us for a promo code 

All we ask in return is wholesome feedback of your experience during and after the reading.  We intend to use our discernment to continuously improve and refine our approach. Our opinion is that no one is ever the finished article.