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Off World Link Events

OWL Retreats 2024

Three nights away to immerse yourself in the incredible energies of the heart chakra of the world - Glastonbury, UK  

The OWL Retreats offer a unique combination of day and night activities and spaces for you to truly be yourself.  


Where you can combine relaxation and fun with meaningful spiritual development activities.  


Where the combined energy and intention of your group will expand your consciousness as together we explore connections with star beings.



If you are looking for ....

... a unique break away where you can combine deep relaxation, the outdoors and making new friends with your fascination of paranormal, esoteric subjects, earth energies, UFO sightings and ET contact - then you have finally found an option!

What is included?

Special visits to locations to feel spiritual energy and the myths and legends - Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury Abbey, The Chalice Well & Gardens, The White Spring, Stanton Drew Standing Stones and others .......

Experiences planned for you - Workshops to develop your natural psychic skills and energy field awareness, dowsing, remote viewing and talks with Q&A from special guests

For your relaxation and upliftment - Group meditations,  sound and sonic experiences

And daily - 

A CE5 event using meditation and the group energy to watch the night sky for UFO's and explore contact modalities

Join the Waiting List

Full details of the programme, cost, accommodation and options will be available by early February 2024.  Two retreats will be available around the new moon week in August and September 23.

Places are being provisionally booked fast so please register your interest by clicking below - this just adds your name to a waiting list without any obligation at this stage.


We will be in touch with full information shortly so that you can decide whether you wish to confirm your booking.  

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